WiFi Smart Station

Product Description

  • Everything is under control with the WiFi Smart Station in the room. It is a svelte all-in one device that replaces all your infrared (IR) remote control, and also packs intelligent sensors to measure the surrounding comfort level.

Product Features
  • The WiFi Smart Station connects directly to your home WiFi, enabling you to control your IR-powered appliances from virtually anywhere.
  • It indicates and notifies when the air quality, temperature, and humidity is atypical.
  • The convenient Function Key on top of the device allows for predefined automation, making it one of the essentials for your Smart Home.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

4DC 5V, 1A, micro USB

Operating Temp.


Operating Humidity

<= 85% RH


WiFi, Zigbee, RJ45

Key Button(s)

Physical Button (Pair/Reset)

Indicator Light(s)

LED Indicator (Red/Green) x 2

Product Dimensions

L60 x W60 x H20 mm

Casing Material






*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice