Zigbee Dimmer Switch UK


Sync with Zigbee Hub and other devices for scene control.

Product Description

  • The revolutionary Zigbee Dimmer Switch with Live wire-only design eliminates the need for Neutral wire, saving you the cost of additional wiring works and making your smart lighting conversion process simpler than ever.

Product Features
  • With accurate capacitive touch technology of quick <3ms response time, control the switch with a light touch, or the smartphone app remotely from anywhere.
  • It is backlit to make it safe and visible to locate in the dark.
  • Sync with the Zigbee Hub to work with other smart devices for scene control.

Voice Control
  • Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Technical Specifications

Input/Output Voltage

100-240VAC, 50Hz

Operating Temp.


Operating Humidity

30%-80% RH



Communication Dist.

10m to Hub (indoor)

Material of Housing

Reinforced glass and Fireproof PC

Product Dimensions

L90 x W85 x H35 mm