Aztech KylaS App

Where can I download the Aztech KylaS app?

You can download the Aztech KylaS app from App Store (iOS platform) or Google Play (Android platform).

Which operating systems (OS) are compatible with Aztech KylaS?

Here are the OS version compatible with Aztech KylaS:

Devices Compatible OS
Apple smart phone & tablet iOS 8.0 and above
Android smart phone & tablet Android 4.0 and above

Can I control my KylaS device(s) without the internet connection?

No, almost all the KylaS devices required Wi-Fi access to work on except for Smart ZigBee device that can be controlled using LAN connection.

How many families can I set in one account?

You can set up to five (5) families in one account.

How many Zigbee Hubs can I add in one family?

You can add up to five (5) Zigbee Hubs per family.

How many floors can I add in one family?

You can add up to eight (8) floors in per family.

How many rooms can I add in one family?

You can add up to fifty (50) rooms in per family.

How many scenes can I create in one family?

You can create up to sixty (60) scenes per family.

How many schedule tasks can I create?

You can create fifteen (15) tasks.

What are the languages available on Aztech KylaS?

Aztech KylaS supports English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Portuguese.

Can I add my phone number to my account?

No, you cannot add phone number to my account.

Can I login my Aztech KylaS account in different phones at the same time?

Yes, you can login to your Aztech KylaS account in multiple phones at the same time.

Why do I get a different time reading in the app?

You have to allow Aztech KylaS to access the location permission on the setting of your mobile phone.

Why I did not receive any notifications from Aztech KylaS?

Please follow the steps below to set-up the notification setting:

1. Go to the setting of Aztech KylaS, enable the "Timing execution reminder".

2. Make sure you are in "Arming outside" or "Arming at home" mode.

How to set up KylaS to work with Google Home?

Please click here to refer to the video tutorial.