How to configure the Zigbee Switch?

1. Connect Zigbee Hub to Aztech KylaS app.

2. Press the button on the switch four (4) times then press and hold the button until the LED light flashes rapidly.

3. Wait for the LED light to flash slowly then press the button to be connected to the Zigbee Hub.

How to reset the Zigbee Switch?

Press the button on Zigbee Switch for four (4) times then press and hold the button until the LED light flashes rapidly.

What is the input power for Zigbee Switch?

The input power is at AC 250V 50/60Hz

What is the maximum loading for the Zigbee Switches?

  • Zigbee Light Switch 1 gang switch: 600W;
  • Zigbee Light Switch 2 gang switch: 300W/gang;
  • Zigbee Light Switch 3 gang switch: 200W/gang;
  • Zigbee Dimmer Switch: 150W

    How to use the two-way control?

    You have to install a Smart Gang Switch and a Smart Scene switch in order to set-up two-way control.

    What does the color on the LED lights represent?

    The status of the LED light represents as follow:
  • Blue light: switch is off
  • Red light: switch is on
  • Red light flash slowly: configuration mode
  • Red light flash rapidly : factory reset

    Can I control the Zigbee Switch on Aztech KylaS app without installing a Zigbee Hub?

    No, the remote functions will be unavailable without the Zigbee Hub. However, you can turn on/off the Zigbee Switch manually.

    What can I do if the Zigbee Switch cannot be connected to Zigbee Hub?

    1. Ensure the LED light on the Zigbee Switch flashes slowly in red light.

    2. Ensure the Zigbee Hub is in the configuration mode.

    3. Place the Zigbee Hub near to Zigbee Switch and try again.

    If the Zigbee Switch still cannot be connected, remove the wiring from the back plate of the switch panel before installing it again