Zigbee Button

How to replace the battery for Zigbee Button? What is the model of the battery used?

You have to open the back lid of the Zigbee Button to replace the battery. It is using CR2032 button cell.

How do I check the battery level?

You may check the battery level on the Aztech KylaS app. The app will also send an alert to the user when the battery level is below 20%.

How to disable the emergency alarm?

You cannot disable emergency alarm manually. The emergency alarm will be active for three (3) minutes before it return to normal.

What should I do if the device is not working?

  • Check the battery has sufficient power.
  • Check if the alarm is recorded in the Aztech KylaS app
  • Check the Notification is turned on in the settings.
  • Add the device again if the phone still fails to receive the alarm.

    How to reset the Zigbee Button?

    Press and hold the reset button for five (5) seconds and the LED light will flash slowly for three (3) seconds.